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goudananda's Journal
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Tuesday, October 13th, 2009
3:54 pm
massage and the holidays
 I loathe the holidays. I didn't always. As a kid I remember vividly getting an 8 bit nintendo and thinking salvation was at hand. There are good memories of meals, gifts and family but as I've gotten older the holidays mean...far more stress.

Personally I've dropped out of more conventional celebrations of the holidays. The only thing I've really kept and cherish is the food. The changing of the seasons and different products mean the diet changes and I get to explore old items and new. I can hardly wait to harvest the heirloom pie pumpkins from the garden. I've been bent on sweet potato for years and I'm anxious to see if fresh makes pumpkin hold it's own.

Years ago in Baton Rouge I worked at a large spa in town and during the holidays we did far too much work. As peoples stress levels went up, their tension rose, their bodies showed neglect and repeatedly I heard the same stories. "I gotta go to the mall and buy gifts. The family is coming and I have to make all this food. It's....stressful." After hearing that for the 5th client that day, at the beginning of a week, I knew my feelings on the holidays would change.

I just don't celebrate. I stay home, spend time with family and relax. To me, that's what the holidays are for. Trust me, Jesus wants you to calm down for Christmas.

Working at the HPC has been tiring. It's been wonderful to take a break from bodywork but I'm feeling a need both financially and energetically to pay more attention to my body and yours. If you want to avoid the mall? If you want to hang out and have fun with your friends? If you want to destress your mother in law?

Hire me for massage and bodywork. I'm good! You don't need to leave your home, I'll come to you and when we're done you don't have to drive, and can nap after our session.

To help you and myself here's the package available through Dec 31st:
Four 90 minute bodywork sessions in your home for $280.00 (regular value $360.00)
Your choice of Swedish/Deep Tissue or Thai yoga massage
Paid for up front and redeemed within 6 months.

My prices are more than what you'll find at Massage warehouse surplus! Far more! Even with the discount. I mention this because I purposefully chose not to work there when first moving to Austin and looking for work. They charge $40.00 for a massage. They wanted to pay me...$14.00/hr...

Massage warehouse surplus is the equivalent of a puppy mill. It's wanting a hamburger and letting McDonalds give you a queasy stomache. Massage warehouse surplus is to bodywork what Tyson is to chicken...a factory farm. No ill wishes if that's what you choose. I realize money is tight but competing or pretending to compete with a chain does a disservice to my trade.

Feel free to redeem this package with your sweetie or family. I'll happily split it up. This means that if you're a husband and wife and want to split the package I'd be happy to give you both a 90min session, one in say Nov the other in Dec for the same $280.00 If you've got family in town and spare room I'm happy to split it the same. If you've got a girlfriend and you want to have ladies night...same deal.

If you've any questions feel free to give me a call. Also, feel free to pass along my number if you know someone who may be interested.


Current Mood: calm
Wednesday, August 13th, 2008
10:56 pm
Elgin? Where would you eat...?
I think we're making a jaunt out to Elgin tomorrow, I wanted to find out where we should eat. I'm assuming barbecue of course, but not familliar with the area or restaurants. Any recommendations?  

Current Mood: calm
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